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WOW Range of Vada Pav,Burgers and More...

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WOW Standard

Standard Vada Contains mashed potatoes and combination of Indian Spices finely coated with                  Besan,the wow Standard vada pav is Served with                     sweet chutney and dry garlic chutney a fried green                      chilly makes its even more yummy.

Aaloo WOW Aaloo

A perfect and tasty blend of mashed potatoes mixed with Indian Spices giving it a desi taste.

Masala Paneer

WOW Masala Paneer

Its crispy, Spicy and Crunchy. All time favorite Paneer Comes with a spicy coating.Served with                       eggless sweet mayonnaise.


WOW Cheese Vada Pav

Cheese and hot vada makes it a perfect and mouth watering combination. Cheese gives a wow                       effect when added to vada pav.


WOW Schezwan

Hot & Spicy Schezwan sauce when added to the vada makes it a delight to eat.

Makkai Palak

WOW Makkai Palak

As the name suggests wow Makkai Palak is a unique combination of spinach & sweet corn                added to mashed Potatoes. Served with eggless                       sweet mayonnaise sauce.

Hot Masala

WOW Hot Masala

Its HOt Hot spicy, contains a blend of Indian spices and garam masala making ita a spicy treat


WOW Veggie

A perfect combination of beans, carrots, green peas and selected Indian Spices makes it a green                       fun. It is Served with Tomato chilli chutney.


WOW Crunchy

wow crunchy is a blend of selected Indian Spices and bread crumbs added perfectly to mashed                       Potatoes. It's a Crunchy delight.

Grill Vadapav Sandwich

WOW Grill Vadapav Sandwich

Grill Vadapav Sandwich

Corn Cheese Nuggets

WOW Corn Cheese Nuggets

A blend of cheddar cheese and sweet corn makes it a yummiest nuggets. served with tom chilly                       chutney.

Cheese Sticks

WOW Cheese Sticks

A bread coated stick containing mashed potatoes, cheese, carrots and peas.

Chatpata Fries WOW Chatpata Fries

The all time favorite fries are now more yummier than ever, WOW Chatpata Fries has a masala                       coating enhancing its taste

Veggie Popcorn WOW Veggie Popcorn

The green balls of potato, peas, spinich, green chilly and spices has a mouth watering taste. You                      eat it and you will love it

Veggie Popcorn WOW Pav Bhaji

A perfect blend of fresh protatoes, vegetables, onion, Indian spices & a magic masala makes wow                      pav bhaji a delight.

Veggie Popcorn WOW Momos

A delicious mix of cauliflower, carrot, ref-flour, cabbage, ginger, oil salt, black pepper & water.

Veggie Popcorn WOW Cheese Corn Wrap

Its cheesey, its tempting with loads of cheese, sweet corns, salt, green chilly. Searved with                       green pudina chutney.

Veggie Popcorn WOW Sabudana Vada

This Indian delight is made with sabudana, potato flakes, sunflower oil, common salt and spices.

Veggie Popcorn WOW Aloo Wrap

A delicious wrap with perfect blend of Ref-floor, potato, Indian spices, green chilli, fennal.Searved                       with green pudina chutney.

Veggie Popcorn WOW Paneer Tikka Wraps

Another delicious wrap with the perfect combination of Ref-floor, paneer, capcicum, black                   pepper, onion, spices. Searved with green pudina                       chutney.

vegetable-biriyani WOW Veg Biriyani

Biryani: Basmati Rice, Oil, Butter, Onions, beans, Carrots, Potato, Cottage cheese, Green peas, Curd,                       Mint, Ginger, Garlic , Indian spices and Water.

cornmeal-upma WOW Upma

Upma: Semolina (Suji), Oil, Milk, Carrots, Onions, Garlic, Indian spices, Capsicum, Green peas, Green                       chilies, and Water

rajma-rice WOW Rajma-Rice

Rajma masala: Kidney beans (rajma), Tomato, Onions, Ginger, Garlic, Green chillies,                    Indian spices, Oil, Butter, Fresh coriander and Water

boxed-samosa WOW Box Samosa

Samosa: Potato, Oil, Coriander, Indian Spices, Ginger, Garlic, Green Chilies, Refined flour and                       Water

fried-rice WOW Fried-Rice

Fried Rice: Sella rice, Carrots, French beans, Onions, cabbage, Ginger, Garlic, Oil, Chineese                       condiments, Chineese sauces and Water.

Dry-Fruit-Halwa WOW Dry Fruit Halwa

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